Favorite iPad Production Apps

April 23, 2014

by Larry Jordan


Generic newsletter bullet Last week, I mentioned some iPad apps that readers recommended. I have more for you this week.


Chuck Savadelis writes:

Adam Wilt’s Cine Meter is the best light meter / lighting & scene analyser available for iOS.

Jon Chappell, from Digital Rebellion, writes:

Cut Notes is an app that allows you to take notes during a screening. It syncs to the timecode of your NLE (FCP 7, FCP X, Avid, Adobe Premiere, Pro Tools) and uses preset note buttons to minimize the time you have to spend looking down to write. You can then export the notes to a variety of formats and use our free Marker Import tool to bring them back into your NLE. It also has cloud features like group note-taking sessions through our Kollaborate cloud workflow system.


CinePlay is an iPad / iPhone video player aimed at professionals. Unlike other video players on the App Store, it’s designed with timecode in mind and will automatically detect the timecode track in a movie clip. It has other features like masking / blanking to various aspect ratios, timecode overlays, markers (which can be exported to various formats) and safe areas. It also has Dropbox playback support and more advanced features with our Kollaborate cloud workflow platform like automatic color correcting via CDLs.




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