The Hunt for the Lost Clipper

June 24, 2014

by Guy Noffsinger and Jeff Riegel

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Over the past fourteen years, I have sought to answer the nearly forgotten question of “What happened to the Hawaii Clipper?” Together with you, the readers of this blog, I intend to complete work on a book and documentary on the who, what, where, when and specifically why the Pan Am flying boat and its passengers & crew vanished.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The GLJ Media Group and Guy Noffsinger Photography, with you help, will change history.

Please read on…

A documentary film crew ventures into the remote South Pacific to solve the worlds first hijacking mystery and bring home 15 Americans.

Hello and thank you for visiting my Kickstarter project!

Trip number three back to Micronesia is on the horizon and I need your help to make it a success. As you may know, I have been researching the mysterious vanishing of Pan Am Airways flight 229 and the legend of it being the worlds first aerial highjacking. As the story goes, it was during a typical voyage between California and China that the famed Hawaii Clipper was hijacked and then flown off course between Guam and the Philippines to a remote Japanese held island in the South Pacific. Once there in a sheltered lagoon, local villagers tell of fifteen American passengers and crew who were led from the aircraft, taken to a construction site and buried face down in wet concrete.  This film will document that mysterious vanishing, meet eye witnesses and their families, interview experts in the subject matter and with luck, discover the remains of the victims.

My Kickstarter promotional video was made not only to bring you up to speed on my 12 year effort, but also build awareness in the first film of its kind while helping to repatriate these lost fathers, sons and brothers back home.  Please, if it is within your financial capacity, pledge any amount you can and help make this documentary a reality.

Thank you so much for your attention and time.

Risks and challenges

When it comes to fulfillment, every project has potential obstacles, from production delays to permits to collaborator mishaps. With that said, you have my promise to complete this film on time and within budget. I have personally met 50% of this goal and need the remaining 50% to cover other budget shortfalls. Together with you, this documentary will go from production to post-production in the fall with an anticipated delivery date of spring 2015.

Your support is critical and I can’t thank you enough for your help.

For more information on The Hunt for The Lost Clipper, click here.



One thought on “The Hunt for the Lost Clipper

  1. Thanks Jeff for doing this! If this works, I’ll be sure to pick up your expenses on the trip. 🙂

    Love ya man!


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