The Dojo Toolkit Script makes Redundants Faster & EZer

July 16, 2014

by VinhSon Nguyen, Creative DoJo

This is an awesome & simple script that makes all those redundant yet sometime tedious chores available at the touch of a single button all within your version of after effects.

Dojo Toolkit ThumbnailThe Dojo Toolkit Script is a tool to quickly setup project folder structures, easily apply expressions, and instantly create pre-made setups for Adobe After Effects CS3+. It is a timesaving script from VinhSon Nguyen of Creative DoJo and has been made public for those who want to use the script for their own workflow.


  • Instantly add letterboxing to your compositions with adjustable aspect ratio
  • Setup a camera rig for easy camera animations, including individual axis control, dolly control, HPB, and more
  • Add grain/color grading adjustment layers with pre-applied effects
  • Handy buttons to quickly add new solids, adjustment layers, nulls, and more
  • Quickly apply easing expressions from Ease and Wizz (Thanks to Ian Haigh)
  • Apply expressions such as bounce, autofade, loopIn, and pendulum to properties with full slider controls
  • Save screenshots of your compositions quickly with full transparency support
  • Create a project folder structure for all your assets in one click
  • Clean up your project by removing unused files and footage
  • Quickly purge image caches


  • Simplified UI for small buttons
  • Added additional preset buttons for quick effect applications (Element 3D)

Demo Video


Click here to download:  Creative DoJo



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