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July 28, 2014

by ReelProjects.com

About Us

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Support is often the difference between those who are Living the Dream and those who are just dreaming; ReelProjects’ core purpose is to support members in the pursuit of their Reel Dreams.  ReelProjects was created for those who contribute in any way, whether a single person or an entity, to the making of films, commercials or the filmmaking industry as a whole.

A business parallel: not that long ago, people spent a lot of time going to different stores, i.e., a store for food, another for clothes, another for electronics etc. One person took thriving industries and neatly packaged them all into one convenient location, and revolutionized how people shopped. Now think about the different elements of film/commercial making; that’s the essence of ReelProjects.

We strongly believe that our members should have a hand in shaping the company as the business grows, not some investor who only cares for the bottom line. We know there are thousands of websites for many of these services already; but nowhere can any website offer even half of what this can do in one spot; ReelProjects wants to help filmmakers stay organized, save time, and create more projects for everyone to work on.


Eventual Features

When completed, ReelProjects will be the only website that incorporates all aspects of independent filmmaking from conception, acquiring funds, and legal guidance, through pre-production and the entire production process, and continuing into post-production editing, marketing, sales, and tracking. ReelProjects provides full directories for assembling cast, crew, gear, and locations. It offers tools and resources for educating, networking, competing, organizing, promoting and running their brand as a business. There are over 70 separate tools and resources that make networking and marketing to finding and creating projects more efficient and better organized; a few of these features include:


Members can enter related experience, resumes, demo reels, references, awards, and contact information. If they want, they can have an… More


ReelProjects helps members network online with other film industry professionals, view profiles, connect, build relationships, help with current or new… More


Basecamp is set up to organize all production documents, photos, and footage needed for any project. It also offers better… More


Members can organize and manage their contacts just as businesses do with their customers. Members can add anyone as a… More


A video currier that a member can use to collect footage or scenes from different productions they have worked on.


Webseries are growing in popularity, but the downfall is that they are scattered over thousands of websites, making it difficult… More


This large database of industry professionals, services, and businesses is searchable by title, name, region, state, equipment, union status, or… More

Public Calendar

This calendar can be filtered to local or national events, then further searched by keywords like date, movie release, workshops,… More


Members buy and sell film industry items such as shirts, mugs, director’s chairs, clapboards, movie posters, books/ebooks, gear, lights, and… More


Members can buy or sell movie downloads or DVDs; the entire library is searchable by multiple keywords, genre, or viewer… More


The foundation of any good movie is the script. Directors and Producers need new material, and writers need to promote… More


Writers, directors, and producers can raise money for their projects with the crowdfunding platform, which can be searched by genre,… More


Members can acquire information on all state tax incentives and film commission offices, film festivals, legal questions, goal setting and… More

G.A.M.E PLAN (Goals, Accountability, Mentor, Execution)

A G.A.M.E. PLAN can make the difference between shortcomings and success. Here members can get help to effectively work on… More

Film Festivals

Filmmakers can identify which festivals are right to submit to, and track their festival circuit with the ReelCalendar, creating reminders… More


The industry is ever-changing, and being informed is critical. Regular webinars with expert key speakers will cover a variety of… More


This feature offers monthly challenges for scriptwriters, filmmakers, and various special effects with prizes of cash or physical items like… More


This is a forum where members can ask basic legal questions and entertainment attorneys will answer. Scroll through the forum… More

State Film Commissions/State Tax Incentives

Each state offers different tax incentives for filmmakers to film in their state. Each state also has its own set… More

This list is only a small sample of features to come once funding is secured. With more tools, resources, and support than any other website or service, ReelProjects will truly help thousands of people reach their dreams. Helping create more projects equates to more people are earning a paycheck doing what they love.


Connect with us:

Follow us on social media and check out the details for our social media $1,000 cash drawing on “Our Crowdfunding Campaign” page:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/reelprojects
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ReelProjects or
@reelprojects Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/company/reelpro



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