The Elevator Pitch

July 31, 2014

by Creative Management Services

Elevator Pitch: Going Up
Quickly rise above the competition. A winning introduction should begin with an excellent elevator pitch. And you don’t even have to be in an elevator!

The Long and the Short
An elevator pitch is a verbal description of your business and services that often takes no more time than riding to the top of the Empire State Building—30 seconds. Some would argue one to two minutes, but in my experience the listener has already tuned out after the first 30 seconds.

Just the Facts Ma’am, Just the Facts
Learning how to get to the heart of your message, how to pare down from everything you want to say to the simple facts you should say, is tough. It’s easier to try to squeeze in too much complicated information for fear of leaving something out.

Be Prepared
Tailor your pitch to your audience. You could have four or five different pitches, one for each market segment. And after each elevator speech, be prepared for questions.

Veeeery  Interesting
The pitch needs to be interesting but not over the top. Compelling enough to pique their interest while offering a differentiator—a unique selling point. Something to set you apart from the pack.

Make it short and sassy like my pitch, “As a content writer and video producer, I am known for my ability to transform dry often boring material into dynamic, engaging products for websites, advertising,  and video production.”

A well-crafted elevator pitch will work in a job interview, a new-client meeting, a phone conversation, and yes, in an elevator. Take every opportunity to move yourself and your company to the next level of success.

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