Still Searching for The Lost Clipper

August 19, 2014

by Jeff Riegel

I wanted to invite you to follow me and my friend and fellow-video enthusiast, Guy Noffsinger, in our search for The Lost Clipper.  We’ve now been in Micronesia for over a week now.  Hopefully you’ve been following our posts from across the pond (and through the jungles!)


What is The Lost Clipper?  The circumstances surrounding the Pan Am airplane’s disappearance are quite startling.  In an age where nothing seems new and remakes abound, the story of the Hawaii Clipper is fresh, unique and quite riveting. The bottom line is that the plane was allegedly carrying 3 million in gold bank notes as ransom for Amelia Earhart and was triple crossed during the hand over.  The plane, its 15 passengers and crew were captured, murdered by rogue Japanese aviators and buried face down in a concrete slab on a small Pacific island.  We are looking for those bodies.

This documentary is an effort to finally solve civil aviation’s very first aircraft hijacking.

Photo main

I will double in duties as cinematographer, location editor and blogger during the trip so look for our posts thru August 24th. If you haven’t yet already done so, I recommend signing up for free updates on our sister website to follow our progress through each milestone. For the next  week, we will post photos, and if the bandwidth permits, video clips of our trek though the remote jungles of Truk Lagoon. The weather has been pretty hot & humid, so don’t expect any pretty images of palm trees and placid waters… more like occasional monsoonal downpours!

Please click on the link to join us in our search for The Lost Clipper.

Stay tuned…


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