Infinit: Send files to people, with more serenity than ever

October 2, 2014

by Infinit

Logo Infinit

I’m Baptiste, co-founder of a Paris-based startup called Infinit ( I thought you could be interested in our product regarding the editorial on your blog.

Infinit is a beautiful peer-to-peer file-sharing application that allows sending unlimited size in just a matter of seconds through a single drag & drop.

It aims to enable creatives to be more productive by using a tool that simplify their daily work:
* Productivity: A 4 seconds sending process – Drag.Drop.Done –
* Peace-of-mind: Disconnecting from the Internet doesn’t cancel your transfer
* Fast: Our peer-to-peer technology allows transfers to be up to 30 times faster than the competitive solution
* Secure: Data are encrypted end-to-end to ensure the users’ privacy

Infinit is the best app to send files with peace of mind: click on send and your files are available to your recipient.

PS: It’s free and unlimited!


  • Drag and Drop

    Drag your files over the Infinit logo in the menu bar and voila, you’re done: your file is sent. Oui, sending a file on Infinit takes a second.

  • Direct Sharing

    The safest and fastest way to send a file is to use our direct sharing feature which lets you send to other Infinit users or to an email address.

  • Link Generation

    Generate a link to any file. It will automatically be copied to your clipboard, so all you have to do is paste it to share it in an email, in a chat or on Facebook.

  • Auto-Resume

    Once you hit “Send” you have peace-of-mind: your transfer will automatically resume if you lose your Internet connection.

  • Auto-upload screenshots

    Get links automatically to your screenshots so that you can share them easily when collaborating on design projects or showing off your work.

  • Media Player

    Media Player

    When you share a link to a media file, visitors to your link page can enjoy audio, video and images without downloading them.

    See an example


Thanks to its in-house peer to peer technology, Infinit is the best way to send files with peace of mind: as soon as you click on send, your files are available to your recipient. No more double checking: even if your connection is cut off, the transfer is simply paused, and resumed when you come back online.

100% successful transfers


Infinit is the fastest way to send the files you care about, without ever worrying about their size. The app lets you send any file to your friends, coworkers or anyone else at least two times faster than any other service. Whether you need to expedite legal documents from New York to your partner in China or you want to send that ridiculous video you just shot in London to your friends, there’s no faster way to do it than with Infinit.


When you send a file on Infinit, your computer uses a peer-to-peer connection that directly links you to your recipient’s computer without using a central server. Infinit also secures your files by encrypting them before they leave your computer and cross the Internet. Your files remain encrypted until your recipient accepts them on her own computer and no one, including the Infinit team, can access them.

Schema Peer To Peer Infinit

I’d love to hear your feedback on the product! (
Best regards,

Co-founder @Infinit

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