240fps Slow Motion Footage and Timelapses from the iPhone 6

October 6, 2014

by Robert Hardy, nofilmschool.com

In spite of the earth-shattering scandal that is “Bend-gate,” early adopters of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have already shot some outstanding footage with the improved cameras on the new devices, most notably some first-person perspective hyperlapses as well as some stunning 240fps slow motion.


Of the many features added to the iPhone camera in the latest hardware/software update (timelapse and super slow motion being among the most notable and flashy of them), there’s one feature in particular that might put the iPhone 6 Plus is a class all its own in terms of video capture. I’m talking of course about optical image stabilization. Lack of stabilization of any kind has always one been one of the biggest issues and dead giveaways smartphone video. Hopefully a well-implemented OIS technology could begin bridging the gap between phones and dedicated cameras, and making smartphone video more palatable.

Click here to see the rest of Robert Hardy’s article and 240fps Slow Motion Footage & Timelapses from the iPhone 6…


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