Review: Red Giant’s Bundled Shooter Suite 12.5

by Jeff Riegel

Red Giant software recently updated their popular Shooter’s Suite, now bundled to include PluralEyes 3.5, Denoiser II, BulletProof, LUT Buddy, Frames and Instant 4K.  Great detail can be discussed on these six products, but I’ll cover them briefly here.  Suffice it to say, all six are a necessary need in today’s video productions especially now that so many different video formats (SD to 4K) are out there.

PluralEyes 3.5 (Update)

PluralEyes is an application that examines audio and video data from any device and instantly synchronizes it in a timeline, saving creatives hours of monotonous work.  Fast, automatic audio synching with PluralEyes 3.5 eliminates the need for on-set clapperboards that come with multi-cam productions.  The app imports audio and video clips, magically synchronizes them, and then exports your final synched timeline media directly to your editor.  It’s a standalone application, not a plug-in, so its results work with every video editor.  Drift Correction is a cool new tool added to PluralEyes.  Often, when audio on one device is recorded separately from a video camera (ie: a Zoom recording), or when long-lengthed shots are created, the audio and video are collected at slightly different speeds thus causing the sync to deviate over time.  Drift Correction in PluralEyes can detect and fix this.

Denoiser II (new to Shooter Suite)

Denoiser II is Red Giant’s powerful visual noise reduction tool essential for anyone shooting in low light, giving you a professionally smoothed result that sustains and even enhances fine details.  It’s been compared to the very popular Neat Video plugin which now gains new competition from Denoiser II.  (See a side-by-side comparison here.)  Denoiser II is extremely adept at clearing up artifacts and unwanted noise grain while leaving the true information intact for great looking results, no matter the poor lighting conditions.

LUT Buddy (new to Shooter Suite)

Shooter Suite now includes LUT Buddy for sharing color decisions from on-location.  LUT Buddy is a necessary instrument for sharing color choices between applications as LUT files.  If a colorist makes a set of adjustments to a clip in Premiere and would like to apply the same operation to a clip in Final Cut Pro (or After Effects, Smoke, Motion or Resolve), the information from Premiere can be saved to a LUT file and opened then applied in Final Cut Pro.  The process of saving the color operation to a LUT is the job of LUT Buddy, which shares its values nicely with the next software in the Shooter Suite, the new BulletProof application…

BulletProof 1.2 (new to Shooter Suite)

BulletProof is Red Giant’s complete on-location footage prep to delivery standalone solution that quickly takes you from ingest to backup through export and delivery, capturing everything you need even if redundancy is required.  Rate, mark, tag metadata, and preview your color corrected clips all within BulletProof and save to multiple locations in different formats for your customer’s assessment.


Frames 1.1 (new to Shooter Suite) and Instant 4K (update)

Also added to the mix is Frames, a tool for deinterlacing older footage and converting it to 24p, and Instant 4K.  Originally called ‘Instant HD’, Instant 4K now has even more presets to uprez your older footage while keeping quality intact.  Instant 4K is great insurance that old SD (and even current HD footage) can still be useful in new higher resolution 2K and 4K projects.  Now you can work with the old and the new together in one project!  Instant 4K and Frames make sure the older footage you have matches the new higher quality footage you are currently shooting today.  This app is going to come in handy on a documentary project I’m currently working on which involves camera footage the GLJ Media Group gathered over the past 15+ years as well as archival clips from the 1930’s and 1940’s.

My only suggestion with Shooter Suite 12.5 is that it’d be nice to have a quick link to the tutorials on or even include the video tutorials themselves with the software download.  I had to hunt and peck through their plethora of videos on their site to find what I was looking for.  The tutorials themselves should include and start with HOW TO OPEN each software.  Is this a standalone app?  Or does it open from within your editor or compositing software?  Each and every tutorial starts with the software already opened.   😦

Shooter Suite, available from Red Giant software’s website, is made up of several different tools each having their own compatibility information. Learn more about each product’s compatibility and individual or bundled pricing here…

Special thanks to Red Giant and the Zazil Media Group for allowing me the opportunity to spend time with their fine product and to share my take on Shooter Suite 12.5.

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