The Top Ten Final Cut Pro X tips for editing under pressure

October 16, 2014

by Peter Wiggins via

top ten fcpx pressure

Given two weeks, everybody can edit a piece on FCPX. That’s a completely different matter when you’ve only got a couple of hours before you need to deliver or broadcast your edit. Ten great FCPX tips from Peter Wiggins to help everyone.

Final Cut Pro X is quick, but that creates its own problems. Producers realize that more can be done in the time available and they’ll keep you working closer to a delivery or TX time. Gone are the 15 minute periods where you could put your feet up and watch the blue render line going across the screen. Simply put, FCPX will edit as fast as you can edit.

Over the last 18 months, I’ve used Final Cut Pro X in many high profile broadcast environments. So I thought I’d share my tips on making sure your edit reaches air under pressure. Not everybody can work under stress and I hope these tips might make an editors life easier.

top ten fcpx pressure background render

10 Turn background rendering on

You might be the fastest FCPX editor on the planet, but you will still get distracted, talk to the producer, need the toilet or get a call from the wife or partner that you have to take. Having background rendering turned on means that by the time you’ve told them how to reset the home wifi router again, you’ll have a fully rendered timeline.

9 ‘The banker’ make an early safety export

An old trick from the tape days of editing. By exporting an early version (or ‘banker’) of your piece with a rough grade across all shots, you’ll have a transmittable version in the slot should your edit suite die on you half an hour before air. It also gives the studio something to rehearse with so that the presenters can get the feel of the piece and write a sensible line out of it.

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top ten fcpx pressure check


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