The Interactive Photography Flow Chart Every Beginning Filmmaker Should Have

October 30, 2014

by V Renée, nofilmschool

We’ve all been there: a newbie with a camera, a subject, but no clue of what to do. This chart should help you get started.

Where to Start Chart

Mark Wallace’s “Where to Start Chart” is not your average educational infographic. It’s interactive. Each bubble in the chart contains a link to one of Mark’s helpful video tutorials that goes into the subject matter more in-depth. So, for example, if you wanted to learn more about depth of field, all you would have to do is click the “DOF” bubble on the chart, and voilà, the corresponding video will open in your browser.

This video should provide a good introduction to the chart for you…


The “Where to Start Chart” is free for everyone, so just click here to get your hands on it. It also gets updated regularly, so be sure to check back from time to time to make sure that yours is the most up to date version.     

**This chart was created by Adorama TV.  AdoramaTV is your one-stop source for daily exclusive videos, workshops, online tutorials, product reviews, gear guides, interviews, and more. Geared towards photographers and filmmakers of all levels, join our team of expert pros (Joe McNally, Gavin Hoey, Bryan Peterson, Tamara Lackey, Mark Wallace, and others) for the latest imaging tips, tutorials, and how-tos. Whether you’re an enthusiast or a pro, AdoramaTV is a prime resource to help you learn, grow, and enhance your skills while connecting with our vibrant community through the power of images.,00005a57ffffa5a8-nd/channels4_banner.png

Presented by Adorama


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