Morphing transitions tutorial in FCPX

October 31, 2014


morph tutorial contour demo

Have you ever edited an interview together and either run out of cover shots, wanted to nip out some ‘ers’ or just wanted to butt two bites together and not resort to an obvious cutaway?  This is a very clever way to morph between jump cuts in an interview. forum regular T Payton has come up with an ingenious way of morphing over cuts in interviews. This type of morphing isn’t new, we have to give Zac Peric the original credit for harnessing optical flow in this way. Unfortunately his website with the original demo looks like it has been taken over by an iPhone selling WordPress bot.

Back to T Payton as he takes the whole process many steps further. By building a two frame movie, reimporting and then re-timing using optical flow, he creates a morph transition between clips.


A very clever technique and we have to thank T for making and sharing the tutorial.

A couple of things to note here. First of all your background needs to be still, if the interview was shot handheld then forget about it, it will look very ugly with morphs. Maybe stabilizing the shots first using tripod mode might just fix things.

Secondly, don’t bother diving into Motion to try and create a custom morphing transition that can be published to FCPX. Motion will not let you re-time the A&B inputs in a transition. We spent quite a chunk of time trying a while ago and failed. Cloned layers, dummy movies, we tried the lot!

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