FCPX Tutorials in 90 Seconds or Less, Free!

November 6, 2014

by QuickTip King


Are you tired of sifting through Final Cut Pro Tutorials that take FOREVER? Check out the fastest FCPX tutorials on the web! Every tutorial is 90 seconds or less! Subscribe to the QuickTip King youtube channel or check out QuickTipKing.com for detailed written tutorials for just $0.99 a month!


Here’s a whole lotta 90 second tuts just for you!


Here’s what the QuickTip King has to offer…

Tutorials for Getting Started.

Welcome to home of the 90 second FCPX tutorials!  Follow me to becoming a master.  Just try not to rub it in other peoples faces, alright?!fcpx logo

*denotes a Video Only Tutorial
  1. Creating Libraries
  2. Opening and Closing Libraries
  3. Importing Footage
  4. Organize your Clips with Keyword Collections and Folders
  5. Creating a Project Timeline
  6. Placing Footage into your Timeline
  7. Cutting Footage & Advanced Trimming
  8. Basic Transitions
  9. Adding Titles
  10. Basic Exporting Settings
  11. Changing Your Default Export Settings

Advanced Tutorials

You’ve been using FCPX for a while now and you want to delve deeper.  I’ve collected all the tutorials here for you.  Aren’t you lucky?

  1. Creating Smart Collections
  2. Adding Favorites and the Favorites Only Views
  3. Importing to Folders Outside of the FCPX Library*
  4. Duplicate your Project Timeline as a Snapshot*
  5. Custom Project Frame Size*
  6. Adding the “Ken Burns” effect to photos and the Linear setting
  7. Blade Speed for Variable Retiming*
  8. Custom Retime Rate and Non-Ripple Retiming*
  9. Hide the Browser Window*
  10. Join Through Edit*
  11. Save the Current Frame
  12. Bundle Export
  13. Adding Jump Cuts by using Markers
  14. Moving Clip Connectors
  15. Automatic Audio Keyframes
  16. Changing the Duration of a Clip with the Keyboard
  17. Disabling or Soloing Clips

Top Ten Lists

  1. Top 10 Improvements to FCP 10.1
  2. Five Ways to Save Time While Editing
  3. Keyboard shortcuts (coming soon)



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