20 Tricks That’ll Save You Time in After Effects

November 24, 2014

by V Renée, nofilmschool

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a baby fresh noob, there are always nooks and crannies inside After Effects that have yet to be explored.

And what are inside those nooks and crannies? Faster, easy, and more efficient ways to get your work done! Lucky for you, me, and everyone we know, motion graphic designer Sergei Prokhnevskiy has made a tutorial showing us how to save a bunch of time in editing with 20 After Effects tricks, including utilizing the system color picker, reverse keyframes, and the mini-flowchart.


For those who’d like some organization and something to read as they follow along with the video, Premium Beat did you a solid by breaking each one down in text.

Do you know of any other time-saving shortcuts in After Effects? Let us know in the comments below.



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