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With the release of DaVinci Resolve 11, Blackmagic Design has firmly moved into the ranks of nonlinear editing. In addition to a redesigned logo and splash screen, Resolve 11 sports more editorial tools than ever before. Now for the first time it is worthy for consideration as your NLE of choice. I have covered previous releases of Resolve, so I’ll only briefly touch on color correction in this article.

As before, DaVinci Resolve 11 comes in four versions: Resolve Lite (free), Resolve Software ($995), Resolve (with the control surface for $29,995) and the Linux configuration. Both free and paid versions support a variety of third-party control surfaces, with the most popular being the Avid Artist Color and the Tangent Devices Element panels. Resolve Lite supports output up to UltraHD (3840 x 2160). It includes most of the features of the paid software, except collaboration, stereo 3D and noise…

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2 thoughts on “DaVinci Resolve 11

  1. Jeff-

    Have you had a chance to check out HitFilm 3 Pro? I’m currently trapped in FCP 7-land, and realize it’s time to change or die. Even if it’s just from frustration of watching the Render Progress bar grow slower than bamboo…

    Considering Premiere, DaVinci Resolve 11 and this just-released HitFilm 3 Pro. https://hitfilm.com/

    (Just watched Moviola’s ‘Intro to FCPX’ and I’m STILL not interested is learning this strange language. I’ve got work to do & just don’t have the patience to learn survival skills in “Event” world.)

    I totally respect your opinions & gobble up every GLJ post.

    Whuddya think?

    Jerry Cobb jerry@videografix.net

    Video editing is the most creative thing to do… and the most excruciatingly boring thing to watch someone else do.


    1. Thanks for your email, Jerry. No– I haven’t had the pleasure or ability to play with HitFilm 3 Pro and I’d really like to. I was totally impressed by HitFilm 2’s demo reel & abilities. And HitFilm 3 Pro is at the same price-point as FCPX, and looks like it offers even more (FX, compositing, etc–) A couple years ago (and as an editor), I had to put aside all the negativity about FCPX and just try it. Since Apple did all the fixes, I actually (gulp) kinda like it, especially all the built in FX/transitions/etc– that others are freely creating out there. I was just writing another viewing on the blog about Resolve 11 and it’s (current) inability to be a contender as a serious editor. BUT, I feel it will someday. Its already the best at Color, has recently become an editor, and my guess is that since Black Magic just bought Fusion– that could someday become a part of Resolve (editor/color/FX compositor). Sounds a lot like HitFilm 3 Pro, right? My concern was: are they going to charge you big $$$ to buy “packaged” bundled FX or transitions, etc-? I’m glad to see this on their site: “We’re working with numerous developers including Red Giant, RE:Vision Effects, NewBlueFX and the makers of Primatte to make sure that HitFilm users have a broad choice of high quality plugins.” That said, I wonder why HitFilm 3 Pro isn’t a hardcore competitor against the big boys (FCP, Premiere, Avid), esp. for the price? I think you & I should try their free trial: http://hitfilm.com/download

      Jerry– let me know what you think? If you purchased? Your pros & cons? Everyone, check them out here: http://hitfilm.com/
      I’ll do a blog on them soon–



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