CamDo Solutions for GoPro

December 17, 2014

by Jeff and

So…you’re one of the many, many professional or consumer video-makers that owns a flavor of GoPro cameras and you think you’ve done all you can do with it at this point?   Yes– you can put it on your race car, your rocket and even your pet eagle or camel.  But now what?

The holidays are fast approaching, so check out CamDo Solutions for that GoPro enthusiast in your life, below…

Cam-Do Custom Solutions…

HD Hero

Cam-Do represents an international team of software and hardware developers with years of experience developing custom solutions to real world problems.

In particular, we have recently been working with the GoPro camera to exploit its capabilities using custom accessories which extend its purpose to meet the needs of creative individuals and groups who have the ideas, but not the means to make them a reality.

If you think the GoPro camera (or another camera) takes the images you want, and have come up with a clever idea to use one, or 5 of them together, or 50 of them operating synchronously, you need to talk with us.

GoPro Programmable Scheduler

Programmable SchedulerThe Programmable Scheduler combines the features of the Time Lapse Intervalometer with a programmable timer capable of turning the camera on and off according to 17 separate programs which can repeat daily or weekly. Events can be scheduled up to one week in advance.

The Programmable Scheduler plugs into the back of a GoPro camera and requires no additional power.

[Programmable Scheduler…]

GoPro Time Lapse Intervalometer

Time Lapse ControllerThe Cam-Do Timer Control is designed to turn the camera on and off to maximize the battery usage. In most cases, the camera will take about 2,000 images on a single battery charge. These images can be spread over hours, days or even weeks.

The Timer control fits in the GoPro extended waterproof back and requires no external connections or battery.

GoPro Motion Detector

Motion Detector

The Cam-Do Motion Detectors trigger the GoPro camera when movement is sensed in front of the camera.

The motion detector uses the same board as the time lapse controller and includes all the features of the timer control as well as the motion detector unit.

There are 2 models available. The PIR unit detects the infra-red (heat) generated by moving people and large animals. The X-Band microwave unit detects movement using doppler radar and works through glass and detects objects/reptiles, which are not hot.

[Motion Detector…]

GoPro Underwater Solutions

GoPro Underwater Solutions
The Cam-Do WiFi Extension Cable extends the use of WiFi control of GoPro Hero 3 and 3+ cameras underwater. GoPro cameras underwater can be controlled from the surface with the GoPro WiFi Remote, GoPro iPhone and Android Apps, or by a PC running WiGo.

Cam-Do Deep Water housings are carved from a solid block of aluminum and have been tested to withstand pressures of 4,000 psi (280 kg/cm2), equivalent to a depth of 9,000 feet. The anodized aluminum is resistant to saltwater and harsh environments.

GoPro Video Monitor Adapter

GoPro Video Monitor Adapter
The GoPro Video Monitor Adapter plugs into the connector at the back of all GoPro HD Hero, Hero 2, and Hero 3 cameras. The adapter provides 480i SD composite video compatible with all LCD and CRT monitors and video transmitters and receivers.

The Video Adapter can be used with the GoPro extended backdoors without needing to access the connectors on the side of the camera. The lightweight PCB version is ideal for flying on drones and quadcopters to frame the camera view or for FPV flying.

Diver checking Cam-Do Time Lapse Camera
Scripps Institute divers swap cameras every few weeks

The Scripps Institute and a number of other oceanographic researchers use Cam-Do intervalometers to create time lapse records of coral reefs and undersea habitats. From time to time, divers descend and swap cameras for a one with fresh batteries and an empty SD card.


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