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January 12, 2015

by Filmmaking Stuff‘s Jason Brubaker

Welcome to Filmmaking Stuff, where you will receive tips and strategies on how to make, market and sell your movie without the middleman.

Jason Brubaker runs Filmmaking StuffMy name is Jason Brubaker. Over the last decade, I have worked professionally in the film industry.

In addition to producing my own feature films, I have spent the last five years working in film distribution. I have helped hundreds of independent filmmakers get their movies seen and selling in popular video on demand marketplaces.

Filmmaking Stuff provides resources for independent filmmakers.

The website includes filmmaking articles on how to take a story idea from script to screen, including articles on scriptwriting, producing, film finance, shooting, editing, directing, marketing, distribution and how to build an audience.

Here are popular filmmaking articles that sum up our philosophy:

  1. Modern Moviemaking Manifesto
  2. How To Finance Films with VOD Sales Projections
  3. Thoughts on Film School
  4. My Story: How Jason Brubaker got Started in Filmmaking
  5. 7 Steps for Selling Your Movie Online
  6. How To Make A Documentary
  7. What Movie Distributors Don’t Want You To Know

Our motto is “Make, Market and Sell Your Movie Without The Middle-Man.” The reason for this is simple. The future of filmmaking is not Hollywood. It is the thousands of independent filmmakers empowered by the digital revolution.

Filmmaking For Independent Filmmakers

The truth is, many filmmakers wait years to make a movie. But with the new world of film distribution, you cannot depend on DVD distribution model to get your movie into the world. If you are serious about filmmaking – now is the time to pick up a camera… Do not wait for permission. Rather, you should take action make your movie now!

Here are some additional filmmaking resources to help you:

Screenwriting: Filling a blank page is the heavy lifting of all movie projects. The screenwriting articles at Filmmaking Stuff reveal real world tips for how to write a screenplay, how to sell a screenplay how to market your screenplay, how to get a screenwriting agent and how to write movie scripts that sell. Even if you do not live in Hollywood or have any industry connections — by reading the following screenwriting articles, you will get closer to writing awesome screenplays.

Financing Movies: For independent filmmakers, getting movie money is one of the most challenging aspects of the movie making process. You can have the greatest screenplay, the most talented cast and stellar movie locations – but without movie money, you are just another would-be filmmaker with a dream and a passion. The film finance articles at Filmmaking Stuff provide tips on how to view independent filmmaking as a business.

Film Production: At Filmmaking Stuff, we are dedicated to providing filmmaking articles related to production, production equipment (cameras, lighting, audio), film scheduling, budgeting, casting and directing. From time to time, we will also include articles from guest filmmakers. We want you to take action and make your movie now!

Filmmaking Gear: The following articles detail filmmaking gear. This includes camera reviews, audio gear and lighting so you can take action and make your movie now!

Film Distribution: Changes in film distribution technology now provides filmmakers with access to major online marketplaces such as Amazon and iTunes. While video on demand represents a easy way for independent filmmakers to enter mainstream marketplaces, this change in movie distribution represents new challenges. If you are looking to distribute and sell your movie, the following articles will help you.

Interviews With Hollywood: Filmmaking Stuff provides expert interviews with Hollywood filmmakers, writers and producers. These interviews allow you to benefit from getting an inside perspective on how movies are made, seen and sold.

Professional Filmmaking Tools

If you are seeking tools to help you take action and make your movie now, I recommend checking out the following resources. will provide you and your filmmaking friends with the official filmmaking stuff newsletter as well as several FREE filmmaking tools you can download. is for writers and screenwriters who want to write movies for the new low budget cinema wave. The site is geared towards first time feature writers and details a step-by-step system for getting your story on paper. is a site devoted to helping filmmakers learn tricks and strategies for contacting and building relationships with prospective investors. provides tips on getting your finished feature seen and sold. This site contains resources on how to leverage digital distribution and internet marketing.

Success Tips For Filmmaking

If you want to be a filmmaker, the best question to ask yourself is this: “Given the resources that I have right now, what is the movie that I can make this year?” Answer this question and you will be further along than most Hollywood hopefuls. Your goal is to take action. Do not wait. Get out there, pick up a camera and make a movie!

Additionally, you might benefit from connecting with other filmmakers on our filmmaking facebook page.  You can also connect with me on Twitter and Linkedin.

As a filmmaker, it sure is great when you screen your newly produced movie on the big screen. But for many filmmakers, the idea of making movies remains just that, an idea. And sadly, many otherwise great filmmakers will never realize their potential.

Free Filmmaking Book

I started Filmmaking Stuff three years ago with the mission to help you make your movie now! And I wanted to create a community around modern moviemaking.

Since that time, Filmmaking Stuff has grown to become one of the top moviemaking websites on earth. I have you to thank for that.

If you haven’t grabbed a copy of your Filmmaker Tools, you can get it right now. And yes, I am giving this away for FREE. The only thing I ask is this – if you like the FREE resource, please give it away to as many filmmakers as you can.


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