How do I make Whiteboard Write-on Effects?

January 22, 2015

By Michele Yamazaki, Toolfarm

How do I make Whiteboard Write-on Effects?

Over the weekend, I was asked, “Do you know of any After Effects plug-in that automate the whiteboard drawn on effect?” which quickly evolved into, “Okay, so how do I create this effect?”. I’ll explore the write-on effect in AE and a few other hosts. There are lots of great tutorials here for Tutorial Tuesday!

Here’s an example of a whiteboard reveal effect from the RSA. Great work, eh! The RSA has a series called RSA Animate if you would like to see more. There are a lot to watch, and the content is very interesting too. Sorry if you get sucked in!

So, is there a plug-in for After Effects? It seems like such a simple question, doesn’t it. There’s a plug-in for everything in After Effects, why not write on effects?

Believe it or not, the write-on effect was one of the first cool things I learned to do back in After Effects 3.1. I was digging through my old tutorials folder and came across a tutorial I did for Toolfarm in May 2006 with the write on effect.

Create a Write on Effect in After Effects

Read a whole lot more of Michele Yamazaki’s in depth article as well as a slew of examples and how-to’s here…


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