Tutorial: Creating hyperlapses with Final Cut Pro X

January 23, 2015

by fcp.co

hyperlapse tutorial fcpx

Hyperlapses seem to be the flavour of the month in TV production. So how do you use your DSLR to shoot one on location and then edit them in FCPX?

Straight on the back of the excellent Watchtower of Turkey video that used a lot hyperlapses throughout, we thought that we would feature this tutorial that gives the basics on how to shoot and edit your very own.

Matt Lawton at Elemento L2 very kindly got in touch with us at FCP.co and sent us a link to his hyperlapse tutorial. It is always good to see somebody document a process that you think is going to be relatively straight forward, because what looks easy, probably isn’t. We hadn’t thought about using the DSLR guide box to keep the subject matter centered.

He also gives his three top handy tips:

  • You can use the same capture settings as you would normally when shooting a time-lapse.
  • Make it a rule of thumb to take at least 100 shots.
  • Have patience! You don’t want to rush through and miss capturing something. Hyperlapses can be time consuming but the effort is sure worth the wait.

We have discussed hyperlapses with a number of clients and we are sure the day will come when we are presented with a memory card full of images ready to be built into such a sequence. We will be using those stabilization settings! Just one last thought, we imagine the stabilization won’t work on a Compound Clip?



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