Reporters United: Make Money for Your Footage

February 11, 2015

by Reporters United

Reporters United: Digital Asset Management

Reporters United is a Global marketplace to buy and sell Editorial Videos. Every day our worldwide network of professional video reporters, photographers and citizen journalists publishes photos and videos. Using our website, they upload their stories and hundreds of leading editors from media outlets all over the world are able to view and purchase them immediately.


Are you a News Director, a Managing Editor, an Executive Producer, a TV Journalist or a News Producer?

You work for a Media Outlet, a Newspaper, a TV Production company, a TV Network or a News Website; You broadcast News segments, Investigative TV Stories or Documentaries; You publish News.

Start making a difference with REPORTERS UNITED.

We are the Online Marketplace for your News content. Why?

Because we provide:

  1. Unique Videos and Photos from professional freelance Reporters and citizen Journalists Worldwide
  2. Cost effective
  3. Secure Payment Systems
  4. Easy instant download
  5. No Monthly fees
  6. Unique stories available daily

The Network

Be the first to broadcast and publish breaking stories. Have access to your personal freelance Reporters worldwide. By using our website, it’s like instantly having one of the largest networks of journalists around the World, at your finger tips.

Unique Content

Reporters United is constantly updating untold stories. As a key player, you may already have access to breaking news around the world. But REPORTERS UNITED, will provide you with unique content to complete your headline news and enhance your news coverage. Never before has it been easier to find news content, such as “Beyond the Headlines” stories, News edited packages, Exclusive Interviews and Stock Footage.

Pricing & Licensing

With Reporters United, there are no monthly fees, no subscription. Our stories are available to you in an instant. Payments are made safely using PayPal, MasterCard, Visa or Amex. You will have instant access to full-resolution videos or photos from all over the world, for a fraction of your regular cost.


REPORTERS UNITED strives to ensure that information disseminated is honest, accurate and Impartial. Our Newsroom reviews and checks all contents before sending them online. Reporters United differentiates between fact and opinion. We oppose all discrimination based on sex, race, nationality, language, religion, ideology, culture, class or conviction, provided that the convictions, thus professed, are not in contradiction with the respect for fundamental human rights.

If you ready to move forward and want to have access to hundreds of unique and exclusive stories, just click to register with REPORTERS UNITED:



You are a Freelance VideoJournalist, a Cameraman or a Photographer;
You are a Documentary filmmaker;
You own a TV Production Company;
You have already sold your story to a media Don’t let it just sit on the shelf !!!
Being journalists ourselves, we know how much effort you put into producing your story, and we want you to earn more money from it.

You are a Citizen Journalist and you were in the right place at the right time to take an amazing photo or capture an exclusive video. Share it with us.

Using our website, you can upload your stories and hundreds of leading editors from media outlets all over the world will be able to view and purchase them immediately.

Simple to use

Uploading your content is very easy:

  1. Log in with your email and password
  2. Spend a few minutes uploading your story
  3. Provide us with a brief explanation
  4. Your story will now be viewed by hundreds of established editors around the world and … they will be able to instantly purchase your content !!!

Rights & Pricing

When you upload your story, you will need to tell us if you have already sold it and to whom. We will try to sell your content only in countries where it has not been sold.
We have a professional Sales Team which will get you the best price for your media.
Prices vary for each country and type of media outlet
Our team of professionals may generate you anywhere between $49 to $200.000 for a single video or picture !!! Regarding our cut, we work on a 70/30 basis. (70% for you !!!). Your share will be calculated on the gross monies collected by REPORTERS UNITED.

Payment made easy

You do not have to worry about the contract or the rights attached to your content or payment delays. We will take care of that for you! Whenever one of your stories is sold, we will notify by email. All you need, is to log on to REPORTERS UNITED website. You will have instant access to where and for how much your content was sold for. Once every month you will received a secure payment equal to your total monthly sales, made directly into your account.

If you are ready to move forward and wish to get additional revenues from your work, just click here to register with REPORTERS UNITED. We are here to help you to earn more money.


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