Adobe Photoshop… Watch Your Back!

February 12, 2015

by , FStoppers

(Thanks for posting, Nils Granholm)

Adobe has been king-of-the-hill when it comes to high-end photo editing for as long as I can remember. With the exception of programs like Gimp (I only know one working professional who uses this, for reasons beyond me) Photoshop is the undisputed industry standard. That may be a thing of the past if Affinity Photo has anything to say about it.

The guys at Serif, makers of Affinity Designer and Publisher, just released a teaser video for the Affinity Photo beta that has all the Fstoppers staff talking, and for good reason. Take a second to check out the video…


Now tell me that doesn’t get you excited.

According to an interview by Creative BlogQ, Affinity Photo is built to take advantage of your beefed-up computer in a way that Photoshop might not be. Serif’s managing director, Ashley Hewson, reflects “Photoshop is an amazing piece of software. But the problem is, it’s built on 25-year-old architecture.” Affinity’s all-new code-base is expected to blow this out of the water.

It’s a brand new tool for photographers and raster artists with a refreshingly awesome level of performance. Unlike other affordable apps it’s unashamedly pro even as a beta version, supporting end-to-end CMYK, LAB colour, 16-bits per channel editing, ICC colour profiling, and fantastic Adobe® Photoshop® PSD and 64-bit plug-in support right from the start. With your input it’ll get even better!

Unlike other would-be Photoshop-competitors, Affinity is aimed at professionals, offering some pretty stellar built-in features including one-click frequency separation, live blend modes, and a suite of retouching tools.

If this has you interested you can sign up for the free beta here. I already picked up my copy, I can’t wait to put it through its paces.  Worried about a learning curve?  Affinity has a load of tutorials and tips here.

[Via Affinity Photo and Creative BlogQ]

Affinity Photo is now in public beta. Download for free from

Check out the fastest, smoothest, most precise, professional image editing software for Mac.


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