Missing Footage Error in After Effects

March 5, 2015

by BlueFX


In this tutorial you will see how to fix the missing source files error seen in after effects.

After Effects Text Tutorials of the video

So let’s see an example. I have the Exodus After Effects template, that has an option to use, in the background, the Optical Flares pre-rendered videos. Now, if you open it up, you click OK on the first one, and here, an error message appears. Now, most of the time, this error won’t appear, but sometimes After Effects does some unexplainable, mysterious thing, and displays this Missing File error.

Click OK. The first thing we see is this colored background. I will show you how to fix this in one second. We have to identify which is the missing footage here; and here we can see, in the Project panel, that these two videos are missing. So, let’s just right-click on the first one, and click Replace Footage File, go to the Exodus delivery folder, open the Optical Flares pre-rendered folder, open the Footage folder, because the footage should be located in this folder, and we have two videos here.

Which one should we use? The answer is easy, because you have the file name here: Optical Flares background 1.mov. Double-click on it, and we have another message. But this one is a lot more positive in that it says that one previously missing item has been found, so After Effects automatically found the other video as well. Click OK, and you’ll see that everything works. In a normal situation, this error won’t appear if the footage is actually there, in the Footage folder. This is a little bug in After Effects, that it sometimes doesn’t recognize that the footage is actually there; but as you can see, the problem is very easy to solve. I hope you found this tutorial useful! Check back often for tutorials, templates even some free files. See you next time!


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