How to Fix 15 Common Mistakes Amateur Filmmakers Make

March 17, 2015

by V. Renee, nofilmschool

So, you’re a noob filmmaker, huh? Well, that essentially means you’re a walking mistake factory.

That’s okay! Making mistakes is part of learning and becoming better — which, if we’re smart, we never stop doing. But, it’s always nice to learn how to avoid pitfalls before its too late, which is where filmmaker Darious Britt comes in. He has compiled 15 common (though not altogether obvious) mistakes that filmmakers make when they first start out and not only gives examples to learn from, but he also offers some excellent wisdom on ways to fix them in the video below:


Here’s a written list of all 15 common mistakes from the video:

  1. Weak story
  2. Undercooked scripts
  3. Bad sound
  4. Poor casting choices
  5. Poor shot composition
  6. White walls
  7. Poor lighting
  8. Unnecessary insert shots
  9. Lingering
  10. Too many pregnant pauses
  11. No blocking (movement)
  12. Too much chit chat
  13. Action for the sake of action
  14. Clichés
  15. Generic music

We can all be honest here and admit that we’re all guilty of making at least 95% of these mistakes (if we’re really honest, 100%). Darious offers so many great tips on how to not only avoid these things, but also how to fix them after we’ve made them.

What common mistakes have you made as a beginner filmmaker? Which ddo you notice in the films of other beginner filmmakers? Let us know in the comments below.     

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