Top 10 Troubleshooting Tips For FCP X 10.1.4 by Richard Taylor

March 30, 2015

by Richard Taylor,

These techniques have worked for me but there is no guarantee provided. Use at your own risk. Always make a backup of important files before attempting any troubleshooting.I’ve assembled this Top 10 list of troubleshooting techniques from my own experience as well as from Twitter, Facebook, Apple support forumsCreative Cow forums, etc. If FCPX starts to act wonky, try these top 10 steps.

Preliminary steps
Make sure “Prevent App Nap” is checked in FCPX’s Get Info window.


A step-by-step tutorial to disable App Nap is located here.

Update FCPX (currently 10.1.4) and the Pro Video Formats (currently 2.0) to the latest versions via the App storeThese updates include new functionality, bug fixes and improves FCPX performance and stability. 


Make sure your machine and graphics card exceed the Minimum System Requirements
Just meeting the minimum specs will give you subpar performance. Exceed them.


If you are experiencing FCPX slowness, stuttering or seeing the beach ball, read this article.

Back up your Libraries before you start troubleshooting.
Backing up should be part of your everyday workflow.

Apple’s FCPX help section on backing up:

FCPX now creates an automatic Backup file that is updated every 15 minutes with any changes you’ve made to your Project or Event. This file will be used when launching FCPX if the original Event or Library file is corrupted.

Make sure your media is supported in FCPX

Reference the FCPX manual especially if you are not that experienced with Final Cut Pro X. 
If you don’t clearly understand how FCPX works, you are liable to spend unnecessary and unproductive time troubleshooting.

Don’t forget to report your problem to the FCPX team here. They are listening.

Click Here for the Top 10 List


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