Apple FCPX 10.2 First Look: Worth the Wait! by Charlie Austin

April 22, 2015

by Charlie Austin , Creative Cow

CreativeCOW presents Apple FCPX 10.2 First Look: Worth the Wait! -- Apple FCPX Techniques Feature

After the usual rabid anticipation, Apple today released FCP X 10.2 along with companion updates to Motion and Compressor. The UI has been subtly updated for Yosemite and there are some great new features; beautiful 3D text, the ability to save effects applied to clips – including grades – as custom presets, new and improved keyframeable masks, Library level Smart Collections, improved key framing performance, 4-Up Scope viewer, and a lot more.

I’ll look at the new stuff in a moment, but as someone who uses FCP X regularly, the most exciting and flat out impressive part of this update for me is it’s performance… summed up in the usual vague “bug fixes and performance improvements” part of the release notes. In my view, here’s what it should say:

“This Version of X Feels Like a New App”

To read a whole lot more of Charlie Austin‘s FCPX 10.2 article, click here.  And watch FCPWorks detailed NAB video presentation on FCPX 10.2 here…



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