‘Focus Assist Gets Smarter with New Scene-Mapping Tools’ by Bryant Frazer

Focus-pulling may be about to get a lot more interesting as new systems come on the market that promise to automate some of the most precise, grace-under-pressure focus adjustments required during a shoot, while still giving the human operator complete control—plus or minus a helping hand—whenever it’s desired.

The slickest such system on display at NAB 2015 was probably the new Halo from Redrock Micro. Redrock says it has adapted the same technology that keeps self-driving cars from running into objects in their path to create a map of an entire 180-degree scene in real time.

Data from the Halo Explorer unit, which scans the environment, is used by a handheld focus-control module with touchscreen to create a visual representation of the scene that resembles a radar display. Real-time data pulled from the lens includes iris info, the distance to various subjects, and a graphical representation of depth of field. Focus can be adjusted manually, scrubbed on the touchscreen, or snapped to a given element in the scene with a finger-tap. Watch a demo in our video coverage from the show floor.


Redrock Micro’s Halo

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