How to properly set up your Sony A7s for video – a Philip Bloom seminar

May 1, 2015

by Nino Leitner, Cinema 5D

The Sony A7s has become the turn-to camera for many smaller run-and-gun purposes due to its size, its video functionality (including proper XAVC S codec, peaking, zebra …) and the incredible low-light performance. In fact, whenever I attend industry meetings like NAB or when I’m giving workshops I’m constantly amazed how omnipresent this camera has become in so little time, after it was introduced about a year ago. It certainly has taken over our cinema5D office here, with every team member using the camera constantly, and me personally owning 2 by now …

Be sure to click here for more on Nino Leitner‘s Sony A7s article including some interesting topics covered in this free seminar, among many other things:

• Different gamma curves in different Picture Profiles (e.g. Cine2, Cine3, Cine4 or SLOG2)
• Detail/Sharpness settings
• Dual video file recording with XAVC S and MP4 proxies (which can be transferred to your smartphone to be posted online right away)
• How to expose properly with this camera (avoiding noise)
• Setting up audio for internal and external recording (attention: Philip told me he made a mistake in this seminar – there actually is a way to change audio levels during recording, but you have to assign audio to a custom button to do that)
• Frame guides for different aspect ratios
• external HDMI quirks



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