FREE Friday: ‘329 Free Action Elements’ by Caleb Ward

May 8, 2015

By Caleb Ward, Premium Beat

Looking for free action elements for your video projects? Want HUNDREDS of free action elements? Well, you’re going to love this.


Whether you’re a video editor, VFX artist, or compositor, chances are you probably use elements on a regular basis. This is especially true if you are working on an action film. However, if you’ve done your research, you know that good action elements can be really expensive.

So, instead of breaking the bank, check out these 329 free action elements that are ready for download today. If you know of any more places to find great free action elements, please share in the comments below!

Download: 28 Muzzle Flashes

Free Action Elements: Muzzle Flashes Created by: Footage Crate

These 28 muzzle flashes from Footage Crate can be easily downloaded and integrated into your video editing application. The only catch: you must create a free account in order to download more than two clips. All of the elements are 100% free!

Download Free Muzzle Flashes from Footage Crate

Download: 72 Dirt, Fire, Flare, and Smoke Effects

Free Action Elements: Dirt Flying Created by: Detonation Films

Don’t let the poor website design fool you, these 72 free action elements are great for VFX work. Much in-line with Andrew Kramer’s Action Essentials, these versatile elements come in a variety of types and styles. To download these elements, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click the download link.

Download Free Action Elements from Detonation Films

Download: 37 Fire/Explosions

Free Action Elements: Fire Elements Created by: Footage Crate

Very similar to the muzzle flashes, these fire/explosion elements from Footage Crate are 100% free and ready for download today. Simply create an account and receive unlimited downloads. Some of the elements are HD and some are SD, so you’ll have to sort through them.

Hint: Mousing over the thumbnail will reveal the resolution.

Download Free Footage Crate Fire Elements

 Download: 20 Free Muzzle Flashes

Free Action Elements: Muzzle Flash Screenshot Created by: Nate Lovell

These 20 free muzzle flashes come to us courtesy of Nate Lovell on YouTube. Simply navigate to the video on the YouTube channel and click the download link in the description.

If you want to show your appreciation, you can give Nate a gift by clicking on his PayPal donation page.

Download Free Muzzle Flashes from Nate’s YouTube Channel

Download: 162 Explosions, Blood Hits, Dust Atmospheres, Etc.

Free Action Elements: Dirt Element Created by: Creating Film

The free stuff section of Creating Film is a great place to find free action elements for your next film and video project. All of the clips can be downloaded without any catch. Simply scroll your mouse over the video thumbnails and click “Save Link As” and save in finder.

Some of the elements are pre-keyed, and some are on a green screen. Simply key or set the appropriate transfer mode to integrate these elements easily into your projects.

Download Free Action Elements from Creating Film

Download: 10 Free Smoke Stock Videos

Free Action Elements: Smoke Wisp A Roundup on PremiumBeat

This awesome roundup features 10 places to find free stock videos of smoke on the internet. All of the elements are free, but you are encouraged to show the artist some financial love if you feel so inclined. Find the Free HD Stock Video: Smoke Effects link in the post and get even more free smoke elements!

Want even more free stuff? Check out a few of the following resources:

  1. Free After Effects Template: High-Performance Car Gauges
  2. 10 Free After Effects Templates: Typography
  3. Pixar Releases RenderMan Free to the Public

Know of any other places to get free action elements? Share in the comments below.


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