The ALL NEW (and FREE) Lens Distortions App

May 22, 2015

By Lens Distortions, LLC

The ALL NEW Lens Distortions app – Stunning photographic overlays add character and dimension to your shots.

Optimized for iPhone 6
Compatible with iPhone 4s+

Lens Distortions look real, because they are real. Made from optically-captured elements, including actual sunlight, haze, and fragments of glass.

Incredibly simple workflow and feature-rich controls make editing easy.

High resolution export helps Lens Distortions integrate beautifully into your photo editing workflow.

iPhone Screenshot 4
iPhone Screenshot 5


Customer Reviews

Take your social media photography to the next level

Instagram and VSCO Cam are great apps but if you want to take your shots to a new level of creativity and give it that cinematic edge, use Lens Distortions. Although it might not apply to every shot you take, it will definitely enhance your shots with an artistic edge.

Look no further. Get the app. Now.

 Just the right touch

Very clean effect. I like to create artistic photography on the go. And with the lens distortions it gives me the ability to give my photos a HD quality refined touch that I’ve been searching for. I’m a fan!

Good fog

The fog and lens flare are pretty good, I’ve hidden parts of this one photo without making it noticeable that I edited it. To the dude who says it crashes, like with all apps, if it crashes, restart phone and the app -fixes crashes forever. Cheers.

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