Freebie: Doppler Dome – Doppler Effect Plug-in

JUNE 1, 2015

By Kim Sternisha, Toolfarm

Doppler Dome is a doppler effect VST AU plug-in that lets you create the sound of a car or other object passing by or you can create various pitch, volume, vibrato, and pan effects.

Doppler Dome is a free plug-in created by Aegean Music and is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

“Doppler Dome is an audio plug-in based on the Doppler effect. Explained simply, the Doppler effect is something that happens to sound when the listener and the sound source are getting closer together or farther apart. For example, a car sound when you are in the car might have a particular frequency, but the frequency will be lower if the car is moving away from you, and will be like a record played at a lower speed. If the car passes right by you it will be high as it gets closer and then low as it gets farther. Doppler dome lets you adjust the amount of the pitch effect as well as pan and volume based on distance.

In Doppler Dome, the center is the listener and the sound source moves along a path. Drag the dots to adjust the path’s Bezier curves. A MIDI note in message sent to the plugin will reset the path position to sync it with the project.”


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