Vimeo Video School Publishes 17 (Free) Final Cut Pro X Tutorials

June 15, 2015

by and Vimeo

vimeo school fcpx lessons

We were very pleased to find an email from Vimeo this morning telling us they have published a range of editing tutorials. Even more pleased to find out 17 were dedicated to FCPX!

We have covered Vimeo’s filmmaking tutorials before, but this is the first time that the Video School has made tutorials dedicated for FCPX. They start off right from the beginning with an introduction, through importing your media, editing and then at the end exporting (and of course) uploading to Vimeo.

Profile picture for Vimeo Video School

These tutorials are a great beginners course, they are perfect for somebody who hasn’t edited on FCPX before. They are all quite short too, which is good as you can skip through the ones you don’t need to watch.

We will keep our eye on the stats for these videos, the introductory lesson is already up around the 3000 views mark after only a couple of days of being online. As a comparison, the iMovie course introduction is already at 18,000 and the Windows Movie Maker is at 10,000. The Adobe Premiere Pro video has gone AWOL!

For the whole 17 tutorials, please follow this link.  Here’s a popular lesson in the meanwhile…


Mac-owning pals can tap into the complex art of editing with the power of Final Cut Pro X. In this Vimeo Video School series, we’ll walk you through Final Cut’s hefty video-editing toolset, from basic functions to advanced settings.

We’ll cover:
*Learning the interface
*Importing your media
*Analyzing your media
*Managing your media
*Understanding playback and skimming
*Starting your edit
*Working with markers
*Editing audio
*Editing video in the inspector
*Editing audio in the inspector
*Adding music and sound
*Using transitions
*Utilizing visual effects
*Adding text
*Working with stills
*Exporting and uploading



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