Apple Video Communities

June 16, 2015

by Apple

Tap into a rich source of information sharing and support by visiting a Final Cut Pro X blog, participating in a web forum, or attending a user group in your area.



Curated blog of news and notes about the Final Cut Pro X ecosystem.

All About Motion

Detailed videos featuring tutorials and tips about Motion.

The most comprehensive resource for Final Cut Pro news.


Workflow advice and commentary from Final Cut Pro X production experts.

Final Cut Pro X news, articles, tutorials, and reviews.

FCPX Grill

Podcast created by and for Final Cut Pro X editors.

Ken Stone

Detailed tutorials and product reviews for Final Cut Pro users.

Web Forums

Apple Support Communities

Forums for Apple applications, hosted by Apple.

Creative Cow

Forums for discussing Final Cut Pro tips and techniques. Forum

The forum companion to the comprehensive website.

Final Cut Pro X Editors

Facebook Group for Final Cut Pro X tips and discussions.

Ken Stone’s Final Cut Pro

Forums for Final Cut Pro and related applications.

User Groups – USA

User Groups – International

Calgary Fabulously Creative Pro User Group

Calgary, Canada

Dublin FCPUG

Dublin, Ireland

Final BUG – Final (Cut) Berlin User Group

Berlin, Germany

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