What Makes a Video Successful?

June 23, 2015

by James Brayshaw, Winshaw


The RAC Club

Content marketing, and video in particular, is growing at an accelerating rate. When considering video as a channel for communicating with prospects and customers, organizations are faced with a plethora of options. Here we ask video storyteller Ash Bhardwaj to share his top tips on how to make a video successful.

Types of Video

The first thing to be aware of is the different types of video out there, from Hollywood blockbusters to user generated mobile phone footage. You will probably be familiar with pre-roll videos that often appear on You Tube before a clip. These replicate the production quality and intentions of television advertising and are typically used for awareness. For more targeted campaigns, homepage videos and mini series work well to convert website visits or build credibility. These will have a similar structure and length to campaign videos although tend to have a longer shelf life. Crowdfunding videos for instance have a very definite redundancy date once the fundraising cycle ends. Vloggers have also entered the mainstream and as a result are being seen as pure advertising.

How to make a video successful

There are six important steps to get right when commissioning and producing a great video; Intent, Pre-Production, Story, Style, Production, Distribution. For more on What Makes a Video Successful, click here.


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