How to Get 400+ Composers to Send You Royalty Free Music That You Specifically Need

July 1, 2015

by 909 Music

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You’ve spent days on shoot and sleepless nights on your edit and it’s finally time to add music to your video. You go searching for Royalty-Free music on various libraries online. To get the perfect track, you have to browse through several different tracks and composers, you have to set filters and browse through different genres, moods & tags and after a long quest for quality music you may or may not find something that fits your needs.

What if you could just post a music request detailing exactly the kind of music you are looking for and within hours have composers from all over the world send you tracks you need, that fit your budget, straight to your inbox?

Well, the Marketplace on 909 Music lets you do exactly that!




This is where content producers submit background music requests. Whether you need a fast paced action track for a sports car commercial, a slow romantic theme for a wedding video or an inspiring and uplifting track for a corporate video, just submit a request in the marketplace and set your budget.

Within a few minutes you will have music submissions with relevant tracks coming in to your 909 Music inbox from over 400+ composers. Here you can listen to all the submissions without any distractions, chat with composers and tell them what you like and don’t like, and even buy the tracks right away.

The marketplace displays a wide range of music requests from filmmakers on 909 Music and is by far the most convenient method to request and receive Royalty Free Music for your video productions.


post request

Posting a music request and receiving exactly the music you need, highly simplifies the life of filmmakers and 909 Music makes this possible. The convenience at which filmmakers get music delivered to them based on their needs and budget is unparalleled elsewhere.

When you are logged into your account, under your profile picture you will see a button that says ‘Post a Music Request‘. When you click on it you will be taken to a simple page with a description box where you can detail your musical needs.

It’s best to be as detailed and direct as possible so the composers can send you exactly what you need. There is also another box where you can type in the budget you have for the track. All you have to do is write in a description for the music you want and set a budget and click on ‘Post Request’. Keep in mind it doesn’t matter what your budget is. You can type in anything from $10 to $100 for a track and you will receive tracks that fit exactly your budget.

Some of the advantages of posting a request in the marketplace are:

  • You don’t have to struggle to search for music you are looking for. Composers send you exactly what you need within your budget.
  • You have direct communication with composers. This helps you build your network of musicians worldwide.
  • It’s very easy to audition multiple tracks at once and choose the best tracks for your projects
  • With a simple one-click buy button within the inbox you can purchase and download music Royalty-Free Music instantly.


How Do You Receive Tracks?

Once you’ve posted a request and composers start sending you Royalty Free music, you receive music very efficiently. When you are logged in, on the top right of your screen you will see a drop down menu near your name. When you click the down arrow button, you’ll see a section called ‘Request/Offers’.

All your submissions fall under that section and you are notified via email as soon as you receive a submission. You will see tracks and messages sent by composers to you like in the image below:




Communication with the composers is really easy with this interface and you can quickly reply to them and tell them if you like the tracks or not. If you would like certain edits in the tracks or slightly different versions, you can effectively communicate this to them using the chat feature as shown in the image above. Once you are satisfied with the track you want, you can purchase it by clicking on the buy button.

Don’t worry about struggling to find the perfect music anymore. Our composers are highly experienced professionals who have been composing music for media for decades, and are now available to you at a click of a mouse! So go ahead, post your music request in the marketplace today at

The marketplace is by far the most convenient method to get music composers to send you Royalty-Free Music that you specifically need. So what do you think of the marketplace? Let us know in the comments below.



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