How to Cut a Badass Trailer for Your Upcoming Film

July 9, 2015

by Robert Hardy, nofilmschool

Film Riot Trailer Editing Premiere Pro
Nothing makes or breaks an audience’s expectation for a film like a trailer.

On one hand, a well-cut and expertly crafted trailer can stoke an audience’s imagination, giving subtle, yet alluring hints of the film’s plot, style, and overall tone. If the trailer audience likes what they see, they’re a hell of a lot more likely to follow through and watch the film. On the other hand, if the trailer disappoints in some way, if it’s awkwardly cut, includes too much or too little plot, if it confuses audiences or leaves them feeling underwhelmed, well, then you’ve done the marketing equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot.

Luckily, just about anything can be learned on the internet these days, including the art of cutting a trailer for your upcoming film. So without any further ado, here’s Ryan Connolly and the Film Riot crew to offer some helpful tips on crafting a trailer:

More… a whole lot more….here.

What are some of your tips for cutting an effective trailer?   Let us know!

2 thoughts on “How to Cut a Badass Trailer for Your Upcoming Film

  1. Try not to use any shot from the last third of the movie. Some of the best trailers I’ve worked on, we only got the first reel or two of the feature to work with, so your piece is all about the set up and that’s it.


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