Mobile Filmmaking: 10 Apps for Filmmakers

August 6, 2015

by Jason Buff, the Indie Film Academy

Filmmaking has changed drastically over the years, and is still continuing to do so. Now we don’t need an expensive camera to shoot our next project, those small things in our pockets will do the job just as well. Of course, we’re not saying smartphones should replace high quality film equipment, they can also be used to log schedules and take shots of potential locations.

The following apps are just some of the ways to make your phone a more filmmaking-friendly device.

10. Cinescope – £2.99 (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch)

Shooting with a phone can be restricting when you start looking at the finer details of manual composition. With this app,created by Fruitvale Station cinematographer, Rachel Morrison, you can open up some capabilities in regards to framing, and shoot in any aspect ratio you wish. Whether it’s 16:9 widescreen, 4:3, 1.85 or even a customized ratio, Cinescope is a great way to get a better idea of your visuals.

9. Magic Hour – FREE (iPhone & iPad)

You’re shooting outside, and you have no control of your environment. With the Magic Hour app, photographers and filmmakers will know when is the best time to shoot. The app will specifically countdown to when it is the ‘golden hour’; when there are no shadows as light is diffused through the Earth’s atmosphere. You’ll also get info about light in your area. A great tool for filming outdoors.

More of the Top 10 Apps for Filmmakers can be found here.



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