Getting iMovie world travel maps into Final Cut Pro X

August 25, 2015


FCPX imovie maps banner1

Use the generator directly in Final Cut Pro X

Yes this is possible and probably the quickest way to get the maps (and background generators) into FCPX.

Simply put your animating globe of choice onto a timeline in iMovie. Here for the example we have put three back to back, one rotating globe, one flat map and the plain zoom. It doesn’t really matter as long as you have one on the timeline and don’t worry about destinations e.t.c.

FCPX imovie maps 3

Then go to the File menu and select ‘Send Movie to Final Cut Pro.’ Take your hands off the keyboard and watch the magic happen…

FCPX imovie maps 4

A new Library and Event are made in Final Cut Pro X. In the new Event, you will find a project, and in that project you will find the maps that we made in iMovie.

FCPX imovie maps 5

Here’s the clever stuff. The maps are not movies, they are the map generators from iMovie and we can prove that by looking at one in the inspector.

FCPX imovie maps 6

Read the rest of the story from here…

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