Filming in Vancouver

August 31, 2015

What a fantastic town! Last week, my family was fortunate enough to take a vacation to Vancouver for a week.  While returning to our hotel on August 20th, we ran into a large film crew setting up in downtown for The Flash TV series, which happens to be one of our favorite shows (along with Arrow, also shot by this same production crew).  It was quite a production!

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The next day, we headed south of Vancouver about an hour to Steveston, BC where ABC-TV films in the imaginary fairytale town of Storybrook in “Once Upon A Time.”  This, too, is one of my family’s favorite shows and our kids were quite excited to see the town, to walk the streets, and see almost a dozen of their favorite characters before their eyes.

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My wife was even excited to find out from our concierge that a few scenes from “50 Shades of Grey” were filmed just two floors above our hotel room on the 14th floor of The Fairmont Hotel…

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Are you from Vancouver or have you ever worked there?  I’d really be interested in speaking with you about your experiences–





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