Apps to Help You Find the Golden Hour

September 4, 2015

By Johnathan Paul, Premiumbeat

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Golden hour is a short period of time each day when the natural light is perfect for filming. Here are some apps to help you find out exactly when it is.

As any filmmaker will tell you, if you’re shooting outside and you want that perfect cinematic natural look, then you need to wait for golden hour. You have two opportunities each day to capture those golden hour moments (or as some people call them magic hour moments) and those times are in the morning just after the sun rises or late in the afternoon as the sun is beginning to set over the horizon.

What makes these hours so special is the natural light that is being cast by the sun. It’s not a harsh direct light like you would see at midday, but rather it’s a softer indirect light that creates longer angular shadows as the color temperature turns into a soft reddish color. This light is great for filming because the natural light won’t overpower your subjects. Also, you can use the setting sun to your advantage in terms of capturing beautiful silhouette shots, which always look incredibly cinematic.

You can see great use the of the golden hour in this video from Matt Triplow as he captures surfers riding waves as the sun sets in the horizon…

Click here for a list of Apps and information on How to Measure the Golden Hour.

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