Find It All Here!

September 18, 2015

So… I’m asked many times about this site that I’ve had going since early 2009 and what it has to offer.  Its mostly a “bookmark” blog about articles, tips, and freebies related to editing and the mac I work on to do that editing.  Of course the favorite part of this site are the freebies that can be found across the internet related to my field.

You want freebies?  Merely click on the “Categories” field and you’ll find over 250 articles with links to hundreds (or more) freebies.  I’ve even made it simple to find them all by just clicking here.  I’ve been a guest lecturer at a local university to students who obviously cannot afford the myriad of sometimes costly plugins and software out there.  Heck!  Neither can I, at times!  Which answers my earlier question about using this site as a bookmark so I, myself, can find those past freebies.

99% of these articles are not written by me, but merely a link to the original articles.  More than freebies, you’ll find interesting tutorials and production news that might help you in your endevours.  Feel free to bookmark this site and leave a comment if you feel its been helpful in any way.

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