Free Audio Fade plugins for Final Cut Pro X

September 30, 2015

by XEffects

Free XEffects Audio Fades Plugins for Final Cut Pro X

XEffects Audio Fades are a set of free audio fade plugins for Final Cut Pro X that when applied to a clip or audio components of a clip, automatically apply audio fade handles.

Audio isn’t Final Cut Pro X’s strongest point and we all know that there is no easy way to execute an audio fade between two clips. This set of plugins has been designed to automatically add audio fades at the beginning and end of a clip. Different durations range from 1 frame to 10 seconds.

So by just extending the outgoing audio component, audio fades between clips in the primary and secondary storyline can be achieved with a few clicks.

To install the plugins, drag the contents of the folder into the Effects Presets folder in the Library as shown. The plugins will not work if the folder is dragged in, they will show up in FCPX but not work.

Follow the path Users/Yourusername/Library/Application Support/ProApps/Effects Presets

If you cannot see the Library, hold down the ALT key whilst looking in the GO menu.

One note of caution. As these are levels presets, any audio level changes or keyframes will be removed when these fades are applied. So apply the fades first!

This plugin has been made free to download for the FCPX community, however please read the copyright restrictions. Be sure to subscribe to YouTube to get notifications of all new effects.

audio fades path fcpx


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