Get 3 Free AE Animated Backgrounds/Templates

October 5, 2015

by BlueFX


here’s a cool set of animated backgrounds you can use with any green screen presentation… no cost.

Instead of having your presenter standing in front of a static picture, you can use these animations to liven things up. Many of them have a “news” theme, so you can create great-looking news presentations.

Get 3 free animated backgrounds templates, built in Adobe After Effects.
In this free After Effects Template you can change the colors of the elements easily with the built in 1 click color changer.
The animation is made to form a perfect loop, this way you can extend the duration of the videos to fit the needs of your project.

You can add it in the background of a green screen presentation or you can build captivating text presentation by adding text and other images over it.

The project is built in Adobe After Effects CS5, how ever we have also included a prerendered video file for each of the 3 backgrounds. This way you can simply import the videos in to your editing app (Adobe Premier, Sony Vegas or Final Cut).


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