Tutorial: Your Car is (Still) Your Best Friend for Capturing Smooth Tracking Shots

October 6, 2015

by V Renée, nofilmschool

Forget using expensive dolly tracks or handheld gimbals to pull off beautiful camera moves. You’ve got a car, right?

Admittedly, using cars to get these shots is kind of an old school technique that indie filmmakers have been using for a long time, especially before handheld 3-axis gimbals came along. (In fact, you can get some amazing shots using a car and a gimbal in tandem.) But since gimbals are becoming more ubiquitous (though still spendy), it seems like now’s as good a time as any to remember one cinematic tool that you might’ve forgotten — or hell, maybe you never knew!

(take a gander at the behind the scenes footage: vimeo.com/50160337)




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