In-Camera Time-Lapse Photography Resource and Guide

October 7, 2015

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In-Camera Time-Lapse Photography Resource and Guide

Fast-disappearing are the days of having to have a separate interval timer to create time-lapses. Many cameras now have built-in intervalometers. The following is a guide to setting up the time-lapse function for most cameras.

1. What is a Time-Lapse?
2. What Gear Do I Need for a Time-Lapse?
3. Notable Cameras with Built-in Interval Timers
4. What Settings Do I Need for a Time-Lapse?
5. For How Long Should I Make My Time-Lapse?
6. Time-Lapse Instructions By Camera
7. How to Put Together Your Time-Lapse

What is a Time-Lapse?

Time-lapses are comprised of a bunch of pictures of the same thing taken over a long period of time. You then display them quickly in sequence when you’re done. The result is a little “movie” that displays a slow passage of time quickly. Time-lapses are a great way to show how a kid grows, how a flower dies, how stadiums fill up, how the weather changes, and even how the Earth rotates! Most of time, though, you just want to show something simple made interesting, like the sun setting rapidly or the bustle of traffic. Time-lapses also make good scene fillers for larger visual projects. Pay attention and you’ll start noticing them everywhere, from the credits of TV shows to commercials and music videos.


What Gear Do I Need for a Time-Lapse?

Before we get into interval sequencing, it is important to understand some basic fundamentals of time-lapse photography. Consistency is key. You will need the following… (more)


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