5 Things A Photo/Videographer Should Never Do

November 3, 2015

by Reid Warner, CameraGiveAways.com


Photography has become a popular industry and it is pretty likely that you find yourself around other photographers pretty regularly. Being a photographer, the market is very competitive and you need to make sure you stay focused, do the work that you love to do, and keep on keeping on.

1. Don’t Ever Compare Yourself To Others

Everyone is different, and everyone takes their photos differently, so why compare your photography to everyone else? If you love taking photos, whether you do it as a hobby or have a business, do it your way. Whether you love capturing the beauty of nature, the sweet happiness of a family with their newborn baby, or the moment the groom sees his gorgeous bride when she walks down the isle, you have your own vision for your work. Never compare yourself to others, it will only bring you down.

2. Don’t Ever Stop Backing Up Your Work

Even though technology is wonderful, it is still technology and it can fail. If you make sure you have a back up of every photo you take, you will save yourself so much stress if something happens to your files. Just imagine… you just shot an amazing wedding and then all of your thousands of files get deleted because your computer goes crazy? I am sure the newlyweds would not accept the fact that you did not have a backup of the photos they have spent a bunch of money on for the most special day of their life. Looking for another great place to store your photos as a backup?

You have to check out the Amazon Cloud Drive (click here) and make sure you read our blog post on 7 reasons why photographers should use Amazon Cloud.

3. Never Stop Learning

Make sure you are always trying to better yourself and your craft through learning. One great thing is that the internet allows for us to be able to continuously learn, whether it is through reading blogs, news or even video demonstrations. You can also attend photo workshops that are offered locally or even nationally or do online classes to help you continue your education about photography.

If you are looking for some good online classes, be sure to check out: 

1) Digital Photography School [click here] 

2) Creative Live [click here]

4. Don’t Assume Your Way Is The Only Way

Much like making sure you continue to learn, you need to have an open mind that there is always a better or more effective way to do things. Whether it is with the way you use your camera or post-processing the photos, be open to how other photographers work. If it doesn’t make sense to you, never be afraid to ask what their work flow or thought process is, you never know what you may learn!

5. Never Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Just like anything in life, photography is the same… do not be afraid to ask for help if you need it. If you are just starting out with your photography, if there is something that confuses you, or you do not entirely understand, ask for help! There are tons of seasoned photographers out there who would love to help and guide you. Or, you may be a seasoned professional and just have gotten slammed and need a little more help. Possibly you could ask a fellow photographer to help as a second shooter? No one will ever know you need help unless you ask, so do not be afraid to ask! Need a place to ask for help? You should join the SnapKnot LinkedIn page or the Professional Wedding Photographers LinkedIn group to connect with other wedding photographers, ask questions and learn from others in your industry!

As a photographer, just like anything in life, it is hard to not compare yourself to others and get yourself discouraged. In business, you can not get discouraged. Make sure you continue learning, keep an open mind to trying new things, never compare yourself to others and always ask for help when you need it… and all of that will help lead to your success!

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