10 Unique Ways You Can Utilize Video in Real Estate

December 31, 2015

By Hayley Eastep, Wellcomat.com


By now there are countless studies and statistics that prove video content is essential in real estate marketing. Video is the best and most efficient way to get your message to your consumers. It allows you to show off your business’ personality, generating interest and trust from potential clients. If you talk with someone who may not be as familiar with the idea of using video in real estate, they may ask why full motion video is any better than a simple slideshow or virtual tour. Our answer, there is no comparison! There are so many different and creative ways you can utilize full motion video to promote, not only your listings, but also your agents, company, and communities.


Real estate video is not simply various videos of homes that are for sale. If you are fully equipped with a large variety of videos, a potential client can get all of the information and more in one place. In many cases I catch myself spending a lot of time browsing and truly enjoying the variety of video that our awesome partners are offering. I can daydream about featured luxury properties, I can find a real estate agent who seems to be a good fit for me, and I can hear about other customer’s experiences with that person. I can also educate myself about the market and learn about the community this home is in as well as the different destinations and activities that the community has to offer. And I can do all of this from the couch in my apartment. That is incredible! Get creative and earn that trust and potential business from those dang millennials like me with these 10 creative ways to utilize full motion video in real estate!




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