5 Underused Organizational Tools in Premiere Pro

January 7, 2016

by , RocketStock

Clean up your messy projects with these five underused organizational tools in Premiere Pro.

When it comes to video editing, organization is everything. Unfortunately, video editors are notorious for being incredibly disorganized and messy people. This is especially unfortunate if you are collaborating with a team in post. So if you’re sick of being messy, here are a few things you can do to stay organized in Premiere Pro.

1. The ‘Remove Unused’ Feature

5 Underused Organizational Tools in Premiere Pro: Remove Unused Example

The Remove Unused feature basically takes away any unused item from your project panel. This is great if you are ready to hand your project off to someone else like a colorist or VFX artist… and not so great if you’re still assembling the edit. To use the Remove Unused feature, simply navigate to Edit>Remove Unused. After you hit the Remove Unused button, any clips or elements not used in a timeline will disappear.

Now, the rest…



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