160+ Free Stock Footage by Clipcanvas Producers

Free Stock Footage by Clipcanvas Producers

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Over 160 clips are 100% free and safe to download and use for your business, blog, news, website, documentary, video project, and so on…


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The above free time-lapse video from http://www.clipcanvas.com showcases one of tens-of-thousands of cheap and high quality HD stock footage clips that are offered on Clipcanvas. These footage clips are mostly in high-definition and comps may be downloaded for free once you sign up. You get a video download format you can use for editing and which suits your editing suite, whether you are working on Final Cut, Avid, Premiere, Vegas or using other similar video editing tools. Thousands of videographers, clippers, producers and video makers use Clipcanvas and you could be one of them!


The online footage archive comprises a highly varied mix of HD video footage from all over the world, including people, timelapse, city stock footage, aerial footage, creative footage, music video clips, video backgrounds, video effects, CGI video clips, nature and wildlife footage, studio footage, animal footage… you name it – we got it! Check for yourself using our excellent stock footage search engine: http://www.clipcanvas.com/search


If you wish to learn more, you can visit their blog at:

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