13 Best After Effects Tutorial Resources Most People Don’t Know About

by Cinema Spice

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If you do a Google search of After Effects tutorials your results will probably come from three different websites: Video Co-Pilot, Tuts+, and Creative Cow. These websites can be great resources for After Effects tutorials, but you can’t help but wonder if there are more options out there than just those three. Recently on Reddit someone was wondering that same question and fortunately for you there were plenty of people who answered with their favorite places to learn more about After Effects. After going through all of them I found that there were 13 sites listed that had these three characteristics:

  1. Taught important skills/techniques/tips/looks for anyone that uses After Effects
  2. Taught in a very clear and easy to learn style
  3. Taught regularly and kept and stayed current with today’s trends and CC updates

In no particular order here is a list of After Effects tutorials that will help you learn whatever it is you care to learn about…




Creative Dojo is a blog by VinhSon Nguyen that focuses on motion graphics and VFX tutorials using both After Effects and/or Cinema 4D. His tutorials are for the advanced user and often talk about how to use Trapcode, Plexus, Element 3D, or Cinema 4D with After Effects. If you are looking for tutorials on any of those plugins/software he is one of the guys you will want to keep up with.

And the rest of the list, here



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