Freebie Friday: Cinecom Simple Titles for Premiere Pro

by Adam Plowden

It’s great to have some stock material in the library, and preset titles can save lots of time, especially if animation is not your thing. Save yourself with some free Premiere Pro titles from Cinecom!

You can download them here. You get 10 free titles in the package, all of which open as sequences in Premiere (CS6, CC 2013, 2014, 2016)

The collection of titles are sequences in a PP project, which once extracted you can import into your working project very easily and just like you would ordinary footage. When prompted you can choose to either import the entire project or a particular sequence; in the screenshot below I’ve chosen sequences as an example. After that, just drop in the title sequence you’d like to use.


When it comes to changing the text, open up the title editor and put your text in. If you choose to use different fonts, be aware that you may have to re-position them so they fit in with the graphics, but apart from that, they are ready to go!

If you want to use multiple titles, remember to duplicate the ‘title’ files in the project window for each new piece of text you need, otherwise the text in the timeline will all be the same.

These are some really nifty simple titles that can be used in so many different kinds of videos. If you’re feeling brave, you could always add some simple additional animation for example a company or brand logo in After Effects, and the titles become more diverse and unique to your needs.


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